New Eblockwatch CommUnity App

Eblockwatch CommUnity App is probably the single most exciting aspect of eblockwatch’s fifteen years of CommUnity collaborations. Aptly named Eblockwatch CommUnity App because of its ability to unify CommUnities using CommUnity CommUnication software to connect members to CommUnity support. The CommUnity ripple effect is what makes the eblockwatch app unique!

The eblockwatch CommUnity App is available for iPhone and Android.

Download the eblockwatch CommUnity App from the App Store Download the eblockwatch CommUnity App from the Play Store

When you need help eblockwatch gets your community involved.  Press your eblockwatch CommUnity support panic button and your four Guardians are notified, they in turn can escalate to eblockwatch who then mobilise relevant communities. This is what is referred to as the ‘ripple effect’.

Screenshots from the eblockwatch CommUnity App

You also have the ability to join or create groups called CommUnities in the app.  In effect these groups are another ripple of support for you.
What does the new eblockwatch app do?
The app is for new and existing eblockwatch members.  Existing members can login with their cell phone numbers and password that is used on the eblockwatch website. New members can sign up for the CommUnity support panic button in the app.

You will see the CommUnity support panic button is featured prominently in the app to make it is as quick as possible to press in an emergency situation.

When you press the button your four Guardians are notified that you need their help. They will receive a text message stating that you need help.  In addition if you have a Vodacom or MTN cell number then they will receive a second text message with your location details.

When you add your Guardians for the first time we encourage you to let them know what to expect.  Tell them they will be receiving a text message stating you need help.  What they need to do is contact you to find out if you’re ok or if you really need help.  The text message they receive has further instructions and a number they should contact if you need further help.  It’s best to run through what to do so everyone is prepared should you ever really use the button.

Spend some time exploring the app and trying the functions to familiarise yourself with the flow of the app.

What is a Guardian?
A Guardian is a contact that you select in the app to receive a notification when you press the button.  You need to select four guardians when you subscribe to the CommUnity support panic button.

How much does it cost?
Being a Guardian is free.  We have a section of the App for people are Guardians only.  Guardians are encouraged to upgrade their app to include the CommUnity support panic button so they can benefit from being connected to this safety network.

Subscribing to the CommUnity support panic button in the app is R49 / month.  This amount is deducted from your prepaid airtime at the beginning of every month or included as a fee in your cell phone contract.

What else can I do with the app?
1.       You can see the people you support, these are the people who added you as their Guardian.
2.       You can send your location details to your Guardians*

Visit the eblockwatch website www.eblockwatch.co.za and login to use more of the features not yet available in the app.

Please email webmaster@eblockwatch.co.za

Join the eblockwatch Facebook Group to stay in touch with latest community news.

*Location details can only be sent for un-ported MTN and Vodacom cell phone numbers

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