Eblockwatch's BackApp will alert eblockwatch members that they are possibly being followed while driving. This system works off sensors placed strategically along designated routes from shopping centres to eblockwatch members’ homes and offices.
This early warning system will notify eblockwatch members of suspicious vehicles, not only while they are being followed, but also should criminals be stalking their homes, offices and their loved ones.
This specialised service will be provided to eblockwatch members registered as either single or as family members on our website www.eblockwatch.co.za
Eblockwatch BackApp safe routes.
For years now, criminals have not had to use their imagination to rob, murder and hijack South Africans in their driveways because no-one has yet found the solution to prevent this from happening.... until now.
Eblockwatch has evolved in tandem with the development of technology over a period of eighteen years without losing the basic great ideas. But the collective thought of millions of technically minded people has turned those good ideas into the smart technology which eblockwatch will now use to out-smart criminals.
Our aim is to focus on eliminating criminals’ most effective and well-used strategy which is the element of surprise.
Eblockwatch has launched a pilot project in the Bryanston area to iron out the glitches and to tweak the processes.
How it works is a well-kept secret but what we can divulge is that we are creating spiderweb-like safe routes from major shopping centres to members’ homes nearby. Only those eblockwatch members who have signed up as single or family members on our website www.eblockwatch.co.za and who are living in the BackApp area can apply to be part of this safety network presently.

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