Why is it so important to be linked to the community button? Besides the obvious of alerting family and friends that you need help, you give eblockwatch permission to track your phone. If you are connected to our button we can mobilise the nearest network of members and their security network to assist you. If we know where you are we can have thousands of members mobilised via sms to assist.
Cellphone Number:
Password: Your password will be sent to your phone. Use your cell phone number and password to log in to the eblockwatch website. You will be able to help us by logging incidents of crime that you observe in your neighbourhood.
Foreign Language: Please add what foreign language you speak so that if a tourist needs help we can call on our talented members to assist with any translations
Car Model Please enter your car details so that when our camera /number plate recognition system goes live it will enable us to search for your car if stolen by triggering the cameras to automatically search for your car. Another benefit brought to you by eblockwatch!
Car Colour
Car Registration
Car Tracking Company:
Please enter the names of family or friends who you would like to receive your sms alert in case of emergency. Choose friends or family who love you and who will respond immediately when they receive the sms that you need help.
Name Email Street Address Cell Number
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