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Ermelo-born Snyman moved to Johannesburg over twenty years ago and struck by the city’s uphill struggle against crime, felt that he needed to do his bit in the fight against it. Snyman now works full time on eBlockwatch and with highly sophisticated technology, co-operation with journalists, the police force, security companies and a vast and willing community of members, has helped solve some of our country’s most high-profile crimes.


What started out as an online forum for people keen to do their part in the fight against crime, has now grown into a multi-faceted organisation that uses some of the most sophisticated digital technology on the market to track, monitor, pre-empt and apprehend criminals and missing persons. As well as having some of the most cutting edge digital tech at the forefront of its operations, eBlockwatch uses its ‘community’ of over 100 000 members from all over the country to ‘use their collective clout’ to make a real difference. We work on the philosophy that a member must look after themselves, their loved ones and those around them and collectively we look after each other.


It’s a simple, yet effective premise. We use smart tech on dumb criminals to:

  1. Collect and spread information about crime.
  2. Assist members using our 100 000-strong membership base, through our CommUnity button.


eBlockwatch is neither a security company nor a reaction organisation. We disseminate information and mobilise communities and members to report and fight crime in their areas. eBlockwatch is a network of networks which include: Neighbourhood watches, police task teams, specialised industrial support teams, security companies and police reservists, South African Women's Agricultural Union with its 10 000 members scattered across South Africa, Township patrols, and most importantly over 100 000 ordinary South Africans. As each member reports incidents and spreads the word about criminal activity, so the more members are informed and the safer our members become.


We use smart tech on dumb criminals

We love tracking down scary criminals. What is really nice is that we make them scared but we need your help. Register and we will show you how we work.

About Us

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