How It Works

Who are the eblockwatch Cyber Chaperones?

Cyber Chaperones are people who have been nominated by eblockwatch to monitor our members. eblockwatch members will be monitored by a Cyber Chaperone only at their request.

eblockwatch has no capacity to track your phone unless your location has been shared using the WhatsApp live location feature.

How do members escalate and deescalate their risk profile?

Read below how and when eblockwatch members vary their status according to their security risk.

Green Status

All members are in a Green Status when they are first registered on eblockwatch. This means that they have completed the registration process correctly and have set the Cyber Chaperone WhatsApp group correctly.
They have saved the contact details supplied to them on their home page and have created a WhatsApp group and called it "Their name" followed by the words "Cyber Chaperone".

Amber Status
Members escalate their status by sending the word "Amber" to the Whatsapp Cyber Chaperone group when:
  1. Travelling a long distance
  2. Returning home from the bank, airport, or night out
  3. Catching a taxi
  4. Out on a blind date
  5. Meeting with unknown people in insecure environments
  6. At a roadblock
  7. In any situation where they need eblockwatch to Cyber Chaperone them and their movements
  8. In a potentially dangerous situation

An "Amber status" means that members have heightened their status using the Cyber Chaperone WhatsApp group. Members can escalate their status to Amber when they feel anxious or nervous about their situation. They also share their live location for a minimum of eight hours using the WhatsApp live location feature.

The Cyber Chaperone will respond by acknowledging your request. It is not the responsibility of the Chaperones to establish whether the member status has changed. They rely on either the member or a third party to escalate the status to Red.

Red Status

Members escalate their status to Red in an emergency. Escalating to Red can be done either by typing the word "Red" or by sending the numbers 911 to the group.

The response from eblockwatch will depend on the emergency. Each member is required to provide eblockwatch with names of people who we can mobilise to assist the member in distress. Only when a member is in the Red Status will these people be mobilised, as will the relevant emergency services. We do not wish to cry, "Wolf"!


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