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Farm attach 3 days ago - 12 December 2018 01:00:00

THIS MESSAGE MAY NOT BE CHANGED, FORWARDED WITHOUT THE WHOLE CONTENT - brought to you by OorgrensVeiligheidšŸ¦to create awareness on farm attacks 12/12/2018 00h00 MPUMALANGA Potgietersrus Percy Fyfe omgewing šŸ†PLAASAANVAL AFGEWEER 4x Swart mans waarvan ten minste een met groot kaliber geweer gewapen was, het een skoot afgevuur op reaksielede wat vir die tweede keer ondersoek ingestel het nadat n alarm op die plaas bly afgaan. Die reaksie lede het teruggeskiet, waarop die verdagtes in die ruigtes ingevlug het. By verdere ondersoek is daar bevind dat die verdagtes by die twee plaashuise ook rondbeweeg het. Die huismense was nie bewus van die verdagtes om hulle huise Niemand is in die voorval beseer nie. Geen arrestasies kon nog gemaak word nie. šŸ†FARMATTACK AVERTED 4x African men of which at least one was armed with a hunting rifle. After an alarm was triggered twice local Farm watch responded, and 1 shot was fired at them. The responders returned fire, and the suspects fled. Upon further investigation tracks were found near two farm houses. The residents weren't aware. No one was injured during the incident. No arrests were made #OorGrensVeiligheidšŸ¦ in samewerking met RSA Nood

Location: Mokopane, Limpopo

Indecent exposure & harassment 2 days ago - 13 December 2018 06:20:00

I was running by myself in the Lonehill area. A white male, roughly mid 30s, driving a Hyuandai Blue i20 drove past me 3 times before pulling me a side and asking for 'directions' as he was 'lost'. He was extremely jittery and couldn't really explain where he needed to go and wouldnt let me leave the side of his car. When I realised something was strange about the situation, I looked down at his crotch area and his private parts were fully exposed and he was playing with himself. I immediately sprinted away and he followed me in his car trying to pull me aside again. He eventually drove past me and then turned around and came back and began to follow me again until he eventually drove away. Strangely, there was no one else in sight and I was scared to scream increase he got angry and tried to pull me into his car. The experience is extremely traumatic and it is definitely not his first time.

Location: Lone Hill, Sandton, Gauteng

Victim was waiting for an Uber. 2 days ago - 12 December 2018 13:00:00

Residents have asked me to share this from FB. Apparently victim was waiting for an Uber. I have just been attacked on Wilton Avenue near Bryanston Drive - jewelry gone but they did not shoot me as threatened. Light blue small box type car NC 22 .. GP three young males

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng