Incident map

Aalways at the same bridge over the highway 1 year ago - 14 May 2018 18:44:00

Bridge over the highway

Location: Petervale, Sandton, Gauteng

Robbed and tied up 2 years ago - 10 December 2016 02:01:00

Family robbed by three guys in the early hours of the morning by a group of guys with guns. Family few in from London for a family wedding . Grandparents parents and grandchildren tied up. Guys has inside information . Could not find out how they got in or got out. Suspected that they got in during the day and hid on the roof until midnight. Then climbed onto the balcony

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Robbed at 1.30 AM 1 year ago - 23 October 2017 02:00:00

2 guys proffesionals jammed wireless beams by-passed security black balaclava pistols On foot Took the seals out the window s to get in. One tall guy and one short guy

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng