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Chartwell crimewave 5 days ago - 17 April 2019 20:24:00

Farmall family, there was an armed robbery in Sevenoaks Rd Chartwell last night approximately 21.30. SAPS were in the area and a net was cast around the area by SAPS abd responders. A suspected "spotter" was detained by SAPS, and cell phones were tracked but were switched off, and an iPad was tracked and the last ping was in Kya Sands, but was switched off as SAPS got near, they did search possible places, but it was not found. The drone was sent up to follow the rivers, we did pick up people but verified they were residents. Folk do not take this crime wave lightly, it is really bad, everyone be alert and ensure fences are activated, alarms set, doors locked etc. I do not have more details on last night robbery when I get I will post.

Location: Chartwell, Gauteng

TELKOM / ESKOM THEFT 3 months ago - 13 January 2019 08:59:00

Good day all. Im asking for a friend. I / she need to report cable and gum pole theft but need to stay anonymous. She have pictures and video showing the stolen goods. There are also witnesses that can come forward as their BOSS instructed them to remove the poles and cable. The employees have used the Gum poles to erect a fence around the property and the cable hidden away on the property for further use. Please, can someone let me know how to report this matter? The police told me i should report this to Eskom and Telkom however nothing has been done. I cannot make myself known/friend details as i know she has been threatened with her life. Does anyone know someone who can deal with this matter with urgency!! Please and thank you.. please can you give me a number or email address? Ive emailed Eskom and Telkom and nothing has been done.

Location: Mngungundlovu, Eastern Cape

Shoot out about to happen 1 week ago - 15 April 2019 16:40:00

HEIDEVELDâť— Americans and Stupa boys busy to taunt each other both sides armed on Heideveld Sports field. Need Saps that side pls?? Field full of kids playing.

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape