Incident map

Gun to kids head 1 week ago - 12 April 2019 20:37:00

Reported by an eblockwatch member A complex was hit yesterday. 3 of 12 houses hit. Residents tied up. Gun was even put to a child's head so father would cooperate. Balder Rd, Douglasdale. They got in by putting tape over the gate sensor and waited for someone to go in. The guy made the error by not checking to see the gate close behind him. They came in and started with an elderly couple in the complex. Left. Came back again and hit the other two houses.

Location: Douglasdale, Sandton, Gauteng

Westdene dam crimes 1 week ago - 13 April 2019 14:42:00

Police state that they are aware of reported crime cases around Westdene Dam but not within, due to the lack of reported cases. Residents stated that they have noticed a rise in crime happening at the dam, however, Sophiatown Police Station said that due to the fact that they have not received any reports of theft and vandalism happening there, they cannot confirm if resident’s views on a crime spike are true. Spokesperson for the station, Captain TJ de Bruyn said, “There has been the usual crime around the dam but we haven’t had any reported cases on the dam [itself].”

Location: Westdene, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Bullet stuck Ambulance 1 week ago - 13 April 2019 11:46:00

.Update: security company employee had misfire with semi auto rifle. No injuries. Bullet struck an ambulance parked st garage at the BP Garage on the William Nicol between Leslie Ave and the N1

Location: Fourways, Sandton, Gauteng