Incident map

Mob justice in progress 1 week ago - 12 April 2019 10:14:00

Mob justice incident in progress at location of pin above. SAPS and JMPD and security please tedpond Urgent 3 men have a man in their custody. They have bound his hands with barbed wire and were leading him towards the bridge. Their intention to drown him was clear Brilliant work guys SAPS TRSS and neighbourhooh watch and CCE on scene and suspects in custody. Victim safe guys you rock

Location: Farmall, Gauteng

Theft from motor vehicle 1 week ago - 11 April 2019 05:11:00

Perpetrators used a screwdriver to gain access to a vehicle parked at Bryanston high School and stole a laptop. Silver blue Toyota corolla Registration FT 47 BW GP

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Hijacking at Shell Conrad drive 1 week ago - 12 April 2019 07:14:00

Shared from Beagle, Affirmative still gathering more information, 4 X suspects have been apprehendend by SAPS and 2 of them have been shot and they are injured. Information received is that the suspects driving a VW Tiguan hijacked a Ford Ranger and the tracking company and SAPS gave chase and cornered them at Shell Garage Conrad and Kangnussie. Morning everyone, There was an armed hijaking at the Shell at the corner of Kangnussie Road and Conrad Drive at 5am this morning. The suspects fled down Kangnussie and were all apprehended. Unfortunately our section of Kangnussie has been completely closed by SAPS because of a fatality. We do not know when the road will be opened but there is absolutely no access to the school. We will communicate as soon as the road has been opened and everything is cleared. We cannot apologise enough, but are so extremely relieved that everyone is safe and all suspects have been caught.

Location: Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng