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Michael Sun and his sunshine team doing what they should be doing. 3 weeks ago - 20 November 2018 08:00:00

Watch how eblockwatch is creating a relationship with Michael Sun and his Sunshine team. Our goal is to slowly build trust between the JMPD and our eblockwatch members. Trust takes a long time to build but it can be destroyed in a second. Eblockwatch will take baby steps in the right direction together with Michael Sun. Read all about it here.

Location: Fourways, Sandton, Gauteng

Watch how driver put our lives at danger every day 1 month ago - 15 November 2018 07:00:00 Take a look at how eblockwatch is turning a negitive situation into a positive one. We have a plan called Snakes and Ladders which we will introduce to you soon which will let you give these drivers a Snake or a Ladder to the good guys. Watch how in a few minutes we can turn this dangerous situation into an enjoyable day . Andre Snyman 0825611065

Location: Fourways, Sandton, Gauteng

Watch how two ladies are kidnapped. 1 month ago - 14 November 2018 14:00:00 Then make sure that you have updated your details so that we can look after you and your family. We will mobilise the world if one of our member was put into the boot of a car. Keep safe and if you can not we will look after you, This incident happened near Pretoria Andre Snyman 0825611065

Location: Sandton, Gauteng