Incident map

Victim was waiting for an Uber. 2 months ago - 12 December 2018 13:00:00

Residents have asked me to share this from FB. Apparently victim was waiting for an Uber. I have just been attacked on Wilton Avenue near Bryanston Drive - jewelry gone but they did not shoot me as threatened. Light blue small box type car NC 22 .. GP three young males

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Taxi's Hit and Run in Rivonia Southbound offramp 2 months ago - 12 December 2018 07:50:00

The Taxi's drive on the yellow lane and this time I was the last car in the leftmost lane. The drive scratched against my bumper and kept driving thereafter and the JMPD was parked and sitting just before the bend and avoiding the taxis unruliness at the bottom. Taxis continue to bully the drivers on the leftmost lane and then pick up and drop off passengers on Rivonia road thereafter. Can we get some assistance with this as the Taxis are now becoming a risk to the rest of the people on the road.

Location: Rivonia, Sandton, Gauteng

Best arrest in years 2 months ago - 11 December 2018 08:43:00

From News24 A bus full of suspects was escorted to the Sandton police station on Monday after the 105 occupants, alleged to be striking workers, were arrested on charges of public violence and malicious damage to property, say Gauteng police. Spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said it was expected to take about two days to process and charge the group, suspected to be Dis-Chem employees currently on strike.

Location: Sandton, Gauteng