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Watch how these women were kidnapped. 1 month ago - 14 November 2018 03:00:00 Take a look at how these women were kidnapped in Pretoria. Give yourself and your family a fighting chance by making sure that we have your correct details on . We have a huge network who we can mobilise to support you if we have your correct details. Regards Andre Snyman Video on our Facebook page. Click Facebook icon at the bottom of the page.

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng

Runners beware 1 month ago - 10 November 2018 05:15:00

Reposted *Runners be aware* _Message forwarded_ Any runners going out early into the Bryanston area near Wilton and Grosvenor please be aware of a white corolla type vehicle with 3 black men in it. I was attacked on Wilton at 5:15am yesterday morning on my run. They tried to pull me into the car. I gratefully got away with only my T-shirt torn. Sadly we need to be vigilant wherever we run these days. Please register with because we have a digital network which we can trigger to nail guys who stalk our members

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Not a hijacking It’s a murder 1 month ago - 11 November 2018 09:00:00

This is Murder not a hijacking An hour ago a man was hijacked from his car and killed @ Commando Supermarket in Welkom. Please registered We try and track criminals down using you and smart technology and ideas. Did you notice the guy in the white walks with a limp.

Location: Welkom Central, Welkom, Free State