Incident map

Protesters 1 week ago - 11 April 2019 07:12:00

‼️ALERT‼️ PLEASE CONFIRM & UPDATE Protesting in progress Khayalitsha and surrounding areas as well as N2 Baden Powell area closed Stone throwing Tyres burning as received

Location: Western Cape

Somerset West this morning 1 week ago - 11 April 2019 07:10:00

The N2 highway between Somerset West and Cape Town is in chaos as alleged "land grabbers" have taken to the streets, burning tyres, setting vehicles alight and pelting cars with stones on Thursday morning.

Location: Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape

Paulshof Robbery 1 week ago - 11 April 2019 07:04:00

Please take care walking through the green belt alone. A lady was held up this morning on her way in to work. Her phone and money were stolen. Security were alerted and are patrolling the area.

Location: Paulshof, Sandton, Gauteng