Incident map

Veld Fire 1 month ago - 11 November 2018 17:04:00

Veldfire at Plot 105 Noodhulp Bela Bela Limpopo

Location: Bela-Bela, Limpopo

Almost hijacked in Kingfisher road today 1 month ago - 07 November 2018 11:45:00

Hi Andre, I am fairly new to Eblockwatch but I just want to share this with you. I was almost hijacked in Kingfisher road today at 11:45. I drove up to the gate where I have to enter a pin to enter and I have to get out of my car to type in pin. For some or other reason I did not get out of my car and saw a silver Polo slowly driving past me. They stopped just past my car and a black jumped out with a gun and tried to open my door and tapped my window with the back of his gun and shouted at me to open my door. I just looked down and put by car in reverse and just drove!!! They ran back to their car and I dont even know what happened from there. But I just wanted to let you know that it was a post on your facebook site about a hijacking and how the lady handled it and refused to open her door or window and just reversed into them that made me handle the situation the same. Please let everyone know that they must be so vigilant when stopping at an entrance where codes are needed to enter. I asked the person if they have a camera at the entrance gate and they do but it does not work. Your post I guess saved my life today. Thank you!

Location: Fourways, Sandton, Gauteng

Numsa Strike 1 month ago - 07 November 2018 10:00:00

Not sure who to reach out to. Ongoing Numsa Strike, targeting Plastic Industry Many factories in the Kempton, Spartan Areas have been attacked by Numsa strikers. There does not seem to be any reports on this other than the one I personally know of - refer Kempton Express 30/10/2018. Innocent people, buildings, personal property are been attacked on a daily basis. The only time Police are able to respond, is when the incidents are taking place. Unfortunately by the time they get there it is too late. Cannot understand why this is not on the news. Thank you Hopefully you are able to give some feed back Kind Regards Janet

Location: Kempton Park AH, Kempton Park, Gauteng