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Attempted burglary 2 weeks ago - 08 April 2019 02:50:00

Alarm was activated at 02.50Am at our home. Suspects were spotted on the property by my Father. They couldn't see him from his window as they were down below him. He banged on the window and shouted at them and they ran. Our cameras didnt work for the time they were on the property (we suspect jamming?). Only footage we have is of them leaving. They entered and exited via an abdandoned property next to us. They had covered one beam with tinfoil and ducktape, they did the second one which triggered our alarm. A third was half done when we found it. They knew where our beams were and had come prepared.

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Murder in Bryanston 1 week ago - 09 April 2019 14:48:00

See Facebook group for details It looks like a Serbian citizen was shot and killed in Bryanston

Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng

Estate agents beware 2 weeks ago - 08 April 2019 11:18:00

*ESTATE AGENTS GANG* There is a syndicate robbing homes that are for sale in Gauteng. The syndicate consists of 3 middle aged BF (carrying big handbags) and one BM who is normally the driver. At least one is known to carry a concealed firearm. They normally drive a white *VW Polo or a white Audi*. An initiative is underway to apprehend these thieves/con artists. A meeting was held recently in Bedfordview to coordinate this plan which will involve the following role players:- *Estate Agents across Gauteng* *Sellers of Estate Agents* (Clients) *Local/regional CPF structures and WhatsApp groups* *Security companies* *Policing agencies* Estate agents, Sellers, Staff and children are being educated on plan. *NOTE TO CPFs* Estate agents and sellers have been advised to contact their local CPF and security if they encounter this gang. Queries can be forwarded to the Bedfordview CPF Leon - 0833029949

Location: Sandton, Gauteng