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Gun on my window in peak traffic

Wed, 10 July 2019, 8:53 PM - (3 months ago)

This incident has really touched a nerve. This is a story that is not going to have a happy ending if we do not nip this type of incident in the bud. It has happened to my son and to many other people who are eblockwatch members. These guys were operating in the Nicol near Pick n Pay now they seem to have opened another franchise.

"I have a hot line to some great people who work for the JMPD and I will put a team of people who will assist our registered members to mobilise the right people to deal with these guys but we need your assistance.

Register on Street Talker and once you have followed the instructions type in the work help to recieve the commands to send to us .

The story below is just another person who has become a victim and we need to take these guys on.
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The incident as given by the victim
I don't usually broadcast my life on social media but there is a reason behind this post.
I was driving to work today along the crown interchange ( heading from Alberton to Melrose arch) and in peak hour traffic and broad daylight someone started hitting a gun on my window telling me if I didn't open the window he would put a bullet in my head, so in my fearful state I opened my window to be hit with a gun , told to hand over my phone and then had the gun held directly to my head.... I don't remember what he said at that moment but there was a man in a red car ( I have no idea what car) I don't remember what he looked like or anything but this man drove into the person holding the gun to my head.... he saved my life, I didn't get a chance to thank him but I hope he somehow sees this post.

You sir were a hero this morning , you saved my life and I was able to come home to my little boy because of you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I had an encounter today with an angel and I'm so grateful you were there!!!

He waited for me to drive away, he didn't move his car till I was gone.

Thank you so so much for risking your life for a complete stranger!"

Reported by: Andre Snyman
Location: Crown Gardens, Johannesburg South, Gauteng


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