Incident Details

JMPD “check point”

Tue, 22 October 2019, 11:05 PM - (8 months ago)

Between Ballyclare and Grovensor on William Nicol

As we were driving home from sandton City there was 4 JMPD cops in the middle of the road with flashlights. Their bakkie was not in view of the road.

They pulled us over and asked if we were drinking. The driver of the car told them he had 2 beers at dinner. They told him to get out of the car, grabbed him by his shirt collar and slammed him up against the car. The officer punched him in the face and told him they were taking him to jail. They pulled me out of the car and also began to push me around and said "what are you going to do for us". One of the other officers was in the car throwing everything from the glove box. I tried to take my phone out of my pocket and they took my phone. He than searched my pocket where I had R1500 in cash and he took that plus cash from my wallet. He then took my ATM card and said we're going to the atm. He saw my ID and that I was american and told his colleagues that I was american and they're taking me to the atm. They then told me that I had to drive and I told them I couldn't drive as I had a lot to drink.
As this was going on a lot of cars saw what was going on and sped off. An elderly couple in a Porsche Cayanne pulled up behind us and were asking if we were ok. I was visibly terrified and yelled to them no, call for help. The woman got out her phone and the officer began screaming at her telling them to drive off. I continually asked for them to call their supervisor to come to the area and asked for their names. Not one of them was wearing a badge or would provide their names. I tried to go towards their bakkie to get the plate no or ID no and they would drag me back and start pushing me further away.
They finally told me to get in the car and drive away or they were taking us both to jail.

Reported by: Brandon Espinoza
Location: Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng


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