Incident Details

Robbery witkoppen

Tue, 14 January 2020, 4:52 PM - (6 months ago)

Hi Andre. I hope you are well. I thought this might be of interest too you. I travel N1N from William Nicol every day to work. Often I have seen a dark green/charcoal hatchback Mazda/Cleo? 4 door parked on the left side before rivonia offramp but before the Cambridge road bridge. This morning 8:20am I realized why. From a distance I saw 2 males running across witkoppen looking back, (possible smash and grab?) then diving through the excuse of a fence and into the awaiting car. I tied to slow down to try and get the number plate but I think they then took rivonia offramp as I never saw the car at buccleah.
Since I have seen this car now several times, would be great if metro can hang out there a bit more. One guy was wearing a black/dark grey top the other a head hat. Sorry I can't give more info.
Have a good afternoon / evening .

Reported by: Nicola Tierney
Location: Paulshof, Sandton, Gauteng


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