Incident Details

Petrol Bombing of a Security guard hut

Sun, 19 July 2020, 2:25 AM - (8 months ago)

On Friday the 17th of July we had a threat by someone, against the Catholic Church, on whose property we are based (we are a non-profit organization). The man said he would bomb and burn down the buildings one at a time, starting with the guard hut. We met with him on Saturday (as he wanted an audience with the Catholic Church) and during this time he told us that he robs and kills people and that the Church and Illuminati are out to get him. He spoke of acts of vandalism in Braamfontein and Hillbrow (at Catholic Churches). In the early hours of Sunday morning our guard hut was 'bombed'. The Security guard says that fire came thru the roof and immediatly he was engulfed in flames. He said that someone held the door closed so he could not get out. He was badly burned. We have the name and a photograph of the person who made the threats and we believe he might be wanted for other crimes. He claims to live in a squatter camp in Diepsloot

Reported by: Gail Styger
Location: Diepsloot West 7, Diepsloot, Gauteng


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