Incident Details

Phone stolen

Wed, 23 September 2020, 5:50 PM - (7 months ago)

On Wednesday afternoon, I had to make a call while inside Hogs. With the excessive noise inside I decided to pop out outside and make the phone call just outside, a few steps away from the entrance.
A beaten up, light blue toyota corolla with the front left side mirror missing, with 3 males stopped in front of me, two guys jumped out, circled me, and while I was taking note of everything happening in front me, I quickly turned around, started walking inside and the next think I know my phone was stolen out of my hands, and they jumped back in and sped through the parking lot and through Total Garage into oncoming traffic up Douglas Dr towards Bryanston. They grabbed the phone with such ferocity that I now have a massive scratch under my eye from the guy's nail.
I know everyone always says you need to vigilant, but this all happened within 30 seconds. My wife has now been receiving phishing smses saying my phone has been found, etc.. but I know very well that phone is essentially a brick!

Reported by: Magnus Heystek
Location: Douglasdale, Johannesburg, Gauteng


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