What is Street Talker and how does it work?

Tue, 30 July 2019, 5:11 PM - (1 year ago)
Street Talker has many functions. 1. It is an easy way to register as an eblockwatch member using Whatsapp 2. eblockwatch can communicate with you using Whatsapp. It activates your membership if you are a member, or it registers you as a member if you are not. 3. It adds you to the Street where you are registered, which enables eblockwatch to look after you as we can mobilize assistance from the closest eblockwatch members if required. 4. Street Talker allows you to give eblockwatch permission to assist you if mobilised by fellow eblockwatch members. 5. Street Talker is spam-free. 6. We add new functionalities to street Talker as we progress. Type in the word HELP and Street Talker will reply with what commands need to be used in testing tomes. 7. Street Talker works countrywide 8, Street Talker is free and you are welcome to upgrade yo our Single or Family membership fpr a small mothly fee 9. Very soon we will add a new feature to Street Talker called Rover.


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